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Positive Leadership focuses on bringing out the best in people; creating conditions so that teams and organisations can flourish. Great Leaders create energised environments, enable exceptional performance and unlock the authentic strengths in themselves and others.


Leadership Development

Great Leaders possess skills in harnessing the natural strengths of their people and build an environment where excellence flourishes. But not everyone is a born Leader - so can we learn? Put simply - yes! Don't leave it until high turnover and lack of staff engagement in your business reveal the need to develop your Leadership skills. Tap into Positive Leadership with Training, Coaching and Online programs and learn to lead with heart.

Team Development

The strength of your business is your people; their energy, focus and commitment is essential to your future success. In a rapidly changing environment, the Teams with the most flexibility on their side are the ones who bounce back faster and create great outcomes. Support your Team with Clear Communication, Resilience & Continuous Improvement Training backed by world-leading Team Profiling technology, E-DISC.

   Personal    Development

Throughout our careers and lives, our development needs change and grow. There is no more important journey, than the one that begins and ends with you. Increase your professional and personal potential - learn the latest techniques in emotional intelligence; uncover your authentic strengths and learn how to use them to greater effect at work and in life. Explore 1:1 Resilience and Leadership Coaching programs and more.

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Our Services

We specialise in Leadership & Clear Communication Training for Leaders and Teams, 1:1 or Small Group Coaching and Business Process Improvement Consulting. Our Mission is to bring the Human Touch back to business and help create Inspiring Working Environments everywhere we go!

Your Trainers - Catherine J Bell & Hayden D W Bell

Positive Leadership Training

- Group and 1:1 -

  • Our interactive Leadership Training combines the best of Leadership Theory & Positive Psychology research and practice to create huge shifts in as little as two days.
  • We work with your business to understand and incorporate your values, vision, mission and goals into every Training to ensure a seamless match with your company culture. We can deliver training at a live venue anywhere in the world or online - your choice.
  • We care passionately about your results - that's why each live Training includes a unique 12-month follow-up system, ensuring that transformation is lasting and complete.

Clear Communication Training

  • Universally, a lack of clear communication is one of the most common hurdles to peak performance in business. This can be a real source of frustration for Leaders, Teams and Customers alike - but it doesn't have to be this way!
  • Through our Clear Communication Training, you can strengthen and enhance your natural style to really bring out your best and speak clearly, from the heart. 
  • Learn how to adjust your style so that everyone on the Team hears, sees and gets your message. Reduce lost time and costly mistakes through misunderstandings - and build rapport and trust with your people! Contact us to discuss a tailored program for your workplace. 

Resilience Training & Coaching

  • Resilience is Emotional Intelligence in action. A new wave of scientifically proven techniques used by healthcare professionals, businesses, hospitals and defence forces around the world is now available to you. Resilience Training & Coaching can help you and your Team to get out of the stress cycle fast, and start living in a more balanced way. The result is better business, better health, better lives.
  • As one of the few Licensed Providers of this unique technique in Australia, we offer Resilience Training & Coaching for individuals and small groups based on the rigorous research and practices developed by the Institute of HeartMath.
  • Already used by hundreds of companies around the world, HeartMath is based on the latest findings on the physiology of stress and performance and provides a practical, proven set of tools to respond coherently in the moment to complex challenges in times of change. In addition, the Inner Balance and emWave technologies give you engaging, real-time monitoring and feedback technology. Watch the video below to find out more, or click the "Find out more" button underneath the video for further reading. 

100% Tailored to You -

Business Process Improvement Consulting

  • Smart businesses regularly review what they do and how they do it. In times of rapid change, those who refuse to keep up with the times are left behind - and inevitably become irrelevant. Are your processes still truly delivering customer value
  • Our passion is helping businesses improve both parts of the business equation - their People AND their Processes.
  • With over 10 years of success in Continuous Improvement, we offer 100% tailored Business Process Improvement Packages with a Lean and Six Sigma - qualified BPI Specialist. These tools and techniques can save your business millions of dollars every year and are used by some of the largest organisations in the world today.

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